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High process reliability and efficient space utilisation

Erfurter Teigwaren GmbH is Germany's largest noodle manufacturer and operates the largest German factory for these pasta products in Erfurt. In conjunction with Jungheinrich and Maintrans Logistik GmbH, a new hall was built to house the new finished goods warehouse.

Modernisation of the storage system

With the modernisation of the storage system, Maintrans Logistik GmbH, who has been handling the logistics for the noodle manufacturer, aimed at raising Erfurt Teigwaren GmbH to its increased production levels. The new hall on the factory premises in Erfurt in Thuringia was to house a warehouse for the finished goods, a storage and reserve warehouse and the provision for goods outwards. The requirement here was for an intralogistics system that would allow for routine processes and increase process reliability. 

Implementation with a high degree of automation 

Jungheinrich designed a multi-depth storage system. This is achieved by two Automated Guided Vehicles. In addition to pedestrian stackers, manually operated reach trucks are used that provide semi-automatic lift height selection. The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface ensures communication between all trucks and the control software.

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