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Chemical industry and pharma

The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors place extremely high demands on logistics processes. We offer our customers from these industries optimum solutions to suit their individual requirements, ranging from hazardous goods storage with explosion protection to warehouse automation.

Always one step ahead.

To build a supply chain that successfully extends into 26 other countries, warehouse management and power supply must be first-class. That´s why we equipped one of the leading companies in African Healthcare logistics with reliable lithium-ion trucks for the secure distribution of quality medicine.


The automated intralogistics solution for Solupharm in Melsungen offers a high degree of flexibility, process reliability and increased efficiency.

Double deck pallet high bay warehouse for Sauer

Best example of cost-effective solution with quick accessibility and a low error rate.

Dynamic management operating around the clock

We have realised a distribution centre in Perm, Russia, for the renowned detergent manufacturer Henkel.


Short construction time, small area, construction during ongoing operations: We set records for the new high bay warehouse at EMS-Chemie.

Plastics supplier Coko

Three automated ETXa high rack stackers, a narrow-aisle warehouse, as well as conveyor technology allow for optimised processes.

Safety is everything

Logistics in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries is particularly challenging. Stringent legal provisions along with maximum safety and hygiene requirements when handling sensitive, often even dangerous substances are guaranteed in this area. This applies as much to the transport, storage and correct handling of hazardous substances as it does to the priority of occupational and environmental safety.

Nonetheless, customers from the field of chemical logistics are expecting ever faster delivery of their products, in strict compliance with all legally prescribed safety standards. More than in any other field of logistics, mistakes are simply not an option in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Jungheinrich is well equipped to face this challenge head on. We offer comprehensive solutions to optimise your goods flows and raise their efficiency, all the while upholding the most exacting quality and safety standards.

By professionals for professionals: personal and environmental protection

Our forklift trucks with explosion protection serve as an excellent example of our chemical logistics solutions developed by professionals for professionals. We supply industry-specific products and systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, which also enable safe operation of electric and diesel trucks in environments containing flammable gases, vapours, powders and dusts. This ensures both personal and environmental protection. With our Jungheinrich safety system, we also meet the requirements of the European ATEX Directive 2014/24/EU (ATEX = atmosphère explosibles).

We generally supply our transport vehicles for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors with additional safety solutions, such as load and collision protection as well as special stability elements. For even more safety in your warehouse, from goods receipt to dispatch, we also offer (semi-) automated logistics solutions with automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which are controlled with the utmost precision by our intelligent Warehouse Management System, Jungheinrich WMS. This minimises the potential for human error.

Moreover, the possibility of round-the-clock deployment also boosts your cost efficiency. As a customer from the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, you thus benefit from a future-proof omni-channelling solution. In combination with our efficient storage systems, you can enjoy increased order picking performance, which in turn allows you to manage the logistics challenges presented by your ever increasing product portfolio. As a further benefit, the WMS can allocate special storage areas to hazardous substances or hygienically sensitive products, thereby ensuring that the legal regulations governing the handling of such items are automatically adhered to.

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