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Used electric forklift trucks

A cheaper alternative: buy a used electric forklift truck

Are you planning on buying a used forklift truck? Then have a look at our range of high-value, refurbished, used machines. You’ll be sure to find a flawless vehicle in top technical and aesthetic condition!

Just like our new forklift trucks, your used electric forklift will impress you with its agility. The two rear wheels and turntable steering enable you to turn up to 180 degrees, offering particularly precise movements in your used electric forklift truck. Whether you work in the food or car industry, you transport goods in warehouses or load and unload lorries, our used electric forklift trucks are perfect for all situations.

When you buy a used electric forklift truck from Jungheinrich, you can choose between a three-wheel or four-wheel vehicle. Three wheels are perfect for tight spots, whereas four wheels are the better choice for warehouses with pallet racks or for outdoor use. With their roomy cockpit and individually adjustable operating system, working with our used electric forklifts is especially comfortable.

Buy a used electric forklift truck – the environment will thank you!

When you buy a used electric forklift truck, you are not only making a money-saving decision compared to the acquisition of a new vehicle – you are also making a sustainable purchase. Refurbishing our used vehicles generates 80% fewer harmful emissions than manufacturing new ones.

Are you looking for other used forklifts or lift trucks? If so, contact us now to find out what used forklift we can assist you with, or alternatively take a look at the new electric forklifts in our shop. For urgent needs or short-term requirements, we also offer a forklift hire service.

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