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Used gas forklift trucks

Buy a used gas forklift truck for indoor and outdoor use

Are you toying with the idea of buying a used gas forklift truck? With Jungheinrich, you can look forward to discovering an extensive selection of high-value, refurbished used machines. If you do opt for a used gas forklift truck, you’re making a sustainable decision to get a vehicle in top technical and aesthetic condition.

Pretty much nothing stops our used gas forklift trucks – they can be used in almost all conditions, come rain or storm, dust or dirt, or uneven ground. Our used diesel forklifts have no particular safety conditions to follow. As an all-purpose vehicle, they can also be used in warehouses, too.

A further advantage is that our used gas forklift trucks have a high load capacity, enabling you to transport up to five tonnes without breaking a sweat. Their innovative engine technology allows high torque at low speeds. When you buy a Jungheinrich used vehicle, you don’t have to compromise on performance or quality – far from it! Our used forklift trucks can easily and safely handle all transport activities, with low fuel consumption and therefore low emissions.

Buy a used gas forklift truck – enjoy simple handling

When you decide to buy a used gas forklift truck, you are choosing to benefit from simple handling. The replacement bottle holder means that you can carry extra gas bottles with you everywhere. Once the gas runs out, you can remove and replace the empty bottle in a flash. If you’re looking for a particularly environmentally friendly solution, we can offer you a used gas forklift truck that runs on natural gas.

Are you interested in other used forklifts and lift trucks? You’ll definitely find what you need on our used forklift page. You can also pinpoint your perfect Jungheinrich machine from among our range of vehicles for hire, or even let yourself be tempted by a brand new gas forklift from our range of new forklift trucks

Perfection in every detail

All our used forklift trucks are processed with a standardized 6-step refurbishment concept in order to become JUNGSTARS in premium quality.

Jungheinrich JUNGSTARS

With the purchase of a JUNGSTAR you benefit from economic, technical and ecological advantages as well as from a variety of services only provided by Jungheinrich.

More of everything

Thanks to the unique industrial refurbishment process at one of Europe’s most modern refurbishment centers, our restored trucks not only rank among the very best used trucks – they become “as-good-as-new trucks” with the industry’s best benefit-cost ratio and 12 months warranty.

With these tips you can’t go wrong!

You just found a used truck, all clean and shiny, which perfectly fits your needs with a price that seems just right – a real bargain. But is it really?

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