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Used electric pallet trucks

Make your warehouse activities more efficient for less money

Are you looking for a used electric pallet truck for your warehouse? With Jungheinrich, you can choose between new electric pallet trucks and industrially refurbished models. Our used vehicles are refurbished in accordance with our 5-star principle and checked against strict safety criteria. Jungheinrich used electric pallet trucks are supplied in top condition and are a fantastic alternative to new machines.

Used electric pallet trucks – efficient and cost-saving

If you opt for a Jungheinrich used electric pallet truck, you will receive an efficient machine for your transport and warehouse activities. You will be impressed with how comfortable they are to use and how easily they can transport up to 3.8 tonnes of cargo. Whether you want to clear away goods in a sales space or move them around a narrow warehouse, a new or used Jungheinrich electric pallet truck will perform just as exceptionally over short, medium or long distances. Buying a used vehicle doesn’t just make sense financially – it’s also a resource-saving decision. Unlike new vehicles with new components, our used vehicles are refurbished with repurposed components, giving the environment a well-deserved break. This reuse allows us to save up to 80% carbon dioxide emissions compared to manufacturing a new electric pallet truck.

Would you rather compare our used equipment to our new machines? If so, feel free to browse through our different categories of new forklifts and lift trucks.

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