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Used diesel forklift trucks

Used diesel forklift trucks as a money-saving alternative

Are you looking for a used diesel forklift truck? With an expertly refurbished diesel forklift truck from Jungheinrich, you’re sure to get a reliable vehicle for all your goods transport needs.

If you buy a used diesel forklift truck from Jungheinrich, you won’t be sacrificing performance, as all our used diesel forklifts are fully refurbished by industry experts. You can rest assured, knowing that your diesel forklift doesn’t just look as good as new, but is also in perfect technical condition. We don’t just keep function and sustainability at the forefront when we refurbish our used diesel forklifts – we also ensure that they comply with all current safety standards.

Used diesel forklift trucks – a strong contender at a great price

Buying a Jungheinrich used diesel forklift truck doesn’t mean cutting corners when it comes to quality or performance. You’ll get all the same advantages as you would with a new diesel forklift. Our high-performance lift trucks can easily handle goods transport in even the trickiest of conditions, and are particularly good for outdoor use. Whether the ground is dusty, uneven or muddy, our used diesel forklift trucks can power through in all situations.

You will be more than satisfied with its reliable driving power and acceleration, as well as how energy efficient and easy to fill up it is. When you choose to buy a used diesel forklift, you make the sustainable choice of reducing your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80% compared to buying a new model.

Would you rather opt for a different kind of used lift truck? If you think you’d rather rent a forklift than buy one, consider looking through our extensive collection of forklift trucks for hire. Of course, you can also choose from a number of new forklifts and lift trucks, if you prefer.

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