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Used tow trucks

Used tow trucks in first-class condition

Are you interested in buying a used tow truck? Contact us to find a range of used tow tractors that have been industrially refurbished in full, in accordance with our 5-star principle. This ensures that our used tow trucks meet the highest safety and sustainability standards – just like our new tow trucks.

Whether you need them for indoor or outdoor use, or you have a narrow warehouse or heavy load needs, our used tow tractors are efficient, versatile machines that will bring multiple benefits to your warehouse. From goods receipt to manufacturing, our tow trucks can easily transport up to 28 tonnes of cargo. Their robust construction combined with their innovative power-steering technology and carefully designed ergonomics ensure that our used tow trucks deliver fantastic productivity at work.

Used tow trucks – lower your costs and your carbon emissions

If you choose a Jungheinrich used tow truck, you won’t miss out on a thing when it comes to quality or performance. In addition, buying one of our used vehicles is not just a good deal financially – you’re also generating up to 80% fewer carbon dioxide emissions with a used truck compared to a new one thanks to its resource-efficient refurbishment.

As well as our wide range of refurbished vehicles – which includes used gas trucks and used diesel forklifts – you can also browse through our forklifts for hire. If you’d rather buy, we also offer both new tow trucks and new forklifts, too.

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