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Used low-level order pickers

A smart purchase with a clever battery solution

Are you planning on buying a used low-level order picker? Find your perfect vehicle among our wide selection of used machines. Our expert refurbishing techniques mean that you won’t miss out on a thing if you buy a used low-level order picker instead of a brand new one – but you will reduce harmful emissions by 80% in comparison to a freshly manufactured one!

A used low-level order picker will make logistical tasks easier, particularly for lower racks. Whether in retail and dispatch warehouses or manufacturing facilities, these effective load-bearers use their excellent picking capacities to ensure quick, efficient work. Our used low-level order pickers are perfect for use up to the second racking level. Their 8 mm strong steel frame and a high-quality skirt on the cover ensure that our used low-level order pickers move goods safely.

Our highly qualified used machine experts will be glad to help you pick out a high-performance used low-level order picker from our wide range of quickly available vehicles, ensuring that you find the perfect one for your needs.

Buy a used low-level order picker – better performance thanks to a clever battery concept

Our used low-level order pickers will impress you with their cost-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient battery solutions. Easy to maintain and quick to charge, our lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries ensure long-term functionality for your used low-level order picker, even for multi-shift operations.

Do you want to find out more about our range of used forklifts and other lift trucks? Feel free to contact us to have a look! Or perhaps you’d prefer to pinpoint your perfect picker from among our wide range of forklifts for hire? Of course, you also have the choice of a number of attractive new vehicles if you prefer.

Do you need assistance in your search for used forklift trucks?

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