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New VNA possibilities in cold storage

Get that warm feeling with Cold Store support from the leaders in VNA.

The brand new EKX Cold Store High Rack Stacker from Jungheinrich delivers all the advantages and benefits of our award-winning EKX Stacker and applies them to the cold storage environment.

When looking for a quality machine to operate in the Cold Store environment you need look no further than the new EKX Cold Store Stacker from Jungheinrich - the experts in VNA technology. Benefitting from years of experience at the forefront of Very Narrow Aisle intralogistics, the EKX Cold Store builds on all the features and technology of the award-winning EKX Stacker with added Cold Store features necessary for efficient operation within this demanding environment. Jungheinrich’s approach to Cold Store operation is to offer a completely tailor-made solution because every situation is unique. So if you are in the food or pharmaceuticals storage business, talk to our team about finding the perfect solution for your Cold Store installation.

Our state-of-the-art EKX narrow aisle Stacker truck is backed by one of the most efficient and sophisticated service operations in the world, ensuring your investment is always in top condition to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently at all times.


The Made-to-Measure Cold-Store Package:

  • Ergonomic workstation - The comfortable, fully isolated cabin features heating with two-stage heater, fresh air supply with dust filter, partial front screen window heating and electrically adjustable operation console, making it a great place to work.
  • Completely robust in the freezing conditions - Features low-temperature steel for all major components, low-viscosity hydraulic oil with anti-stick-slip additive and two-fold poly-carbonate cabin screen window.
  • Maximum efficiency - High throughput with by far the lowest energy consumption available thanks to synchronous motors and new enlarged battery capacities.
  • Extremely flexible - Various features of the standard EKX portfolio are available with a wide range of additional options to customise perfectly to your operation.
  • Proven technology - Intelligent RFID tracking offers all the possibilities you might require for optimal system integration.

The new EKX Cold Store stacker delivers all the advantages and benefits of the award-winning EKX stacker and adds adept cold storage capability.

EKX cold store logo

Jungheinrich have utilised state-of-the-art technologies from our award wining EKX Stacker, developed over years of experience within VNa warehouse intralogistics. All this knowledge and development has been injected into the production of our EKX Cold Store product resulting in a high-tech stacker that is second to none in this challenging environment. Adoption of this new, tailor-made Cold Store truck and all it's inherent technology will instantly give you a competitive advantage.

Jungheinrich are leaders in energy related technologies and employ energy recovery and highly effective energy management in all products. This technology enables you to use the stacker for two shifts under normal operation without having to change the battery. The ergonomic and comfortable heated cab provides your employees with a safe workspace, allowing extended time to be spent operating in the Cold Store environment. Large storage facilities, a clear view, and height and tilt-adjustable control panel all contribute to the positive working environment experienced by the operator.


The cool operator designed to work within your warehouse and cold storage environment.

The versatility of the new EKX Cold Store stacker allows it to operate comfortably in various racking scenarios and is supplied as a tailor-made truck for your Cold Store environment. The flexible, bespoke approach that Jungheinrich provide means that you can be assured you get the perfect intralogistics solution to your Cold Store project. Incorporating new ideas and features, the EKX sets the benchmark with regard to flexibility, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness and delivers excellent throughput via performance with maximum efficiency at temperatures between -2°C and -28°C. 

The EKX Cold Store Stacker is ideally suited to the following warehouse environments:

ekx cold store reach trucks compared

EKX Cold store and Reach trucks compared:

Compared to Reach Trucks, EKX High Rack Stackers have many advantages. EKX trucks can not only operate in much narrower spaces or aisles but they can stack and pick at extreme heights in restricted aisle spaces enabling for an increase in storage capacity. Diagonal travel is possible with the EKX making it extremely flexible and manoeuvrable. For example a load can be moved at the same time as being lifted, making it’s path diagonal and thus reaching it’s destination in a shorter space of time, at high speed.

Advantages of EKX over Reach Truck summarised:

  • Operates in much narrower aisles - approx 1.74m - 1.79m compared to over 3m for Reach truck
  • Improved storage density
  • Better lift height of 13.5m with auxiliary mast
  • Safer operation and less risk of damage
  • Diagonal travel ensures efficient operation
  • FIFO and LIFO capability

The high rack stacker with innovative warehouse navigation. Now that’s cool.

The new EKX Cold Store stacker will take your warehouse operation to a new level when paired with our optional warehouse navigation technology. This specially engineered version of our tried-and-tested EKX model retains the trademark efficiency and power, but also delivers the added benefit of sub-zero temperature protection when operating in cold storage facilities. Once integrated with our RFID transponder technology, the EKX Cold Store helps you navigate your storage facility with incredible efficiency, directing the stacker to individual pallet locations with pinpoint accuracy. The management system relays all transport and picking orders directly to the truck terminal via radio data. This allows the truck to identify new target locations based on X, Y and Z coordinates and then helps it navigate to the new rack locations semi-automatically. Once the driver confirms the operation, the cabin’s display indicates travel and lift directions as the truck approaches the correct position automatically, with millimetre precision.

EKX RFID cold store

Flexible Battery Charging

5 ways to handle batteries, to suit your cold storage operation.

  • Type 1 - For battery charging, truck moves into a zone with Tmax = +5°C, non-condensing air.
  • Type 2 - For battery charging, truck moves into a zone with condensing air. Truck must be completely dry before going back in freezer area!
  • Type 3 - For battery charging, truck stays in freezer area without battery. Cabin heated via external power supply. Additional costs for power supply. Up to h3=10 000mm. On demand only.
  • Type 4 - For battery charging, truck stays in freezer area without battery. Cabin not heated. Up to h3 = 10 000mm. On demand only.
  • Type 5 - For changing spare battery, truck stays a short period in freezer area without battery.

Combinations of types possible (i.e.: Type 1&5, Type 2&5)

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