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Services for trucks

From maintenance and repair to customer training

The efficiency and performance of your logistics is of key importance. To allow you to devote your full attention to your business, we provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your truck fleet or your warehouse facilities.

Perhaps a full-service agreement is the perfect carefree package for you. Or maybe you require tailored maintenance and repair services for your truck fleet and warehouse facilities. The choice is yours. Over 5,300 service engineers across the globe are ready to help when needed. Our primary objective is to avoid expensive breakdowns or downtimes. We offer everything from a single source.

Our core services also include intelligent energy management for batteries and chargers as well as a tyre and safety service. This is supplemented with essential intralogistics activities such as our hydraulic service, driver and safety training as well as a professional rack inspection service: Everything is geared towards your success and the consistent reliability of your logistics processes.

Stage Forklift Service

We're eliminating downtime.

Forklift service.

We make forklift repair easy! We're putting an end to costly downtime and with any service issue, we will ensure your industrial trucks resume full functionality fast, whether they are ours or from another manufacturer. Our comprehensive, global Jungheinrich Service network means a call is all it takes and one of over 5,400 worldwide expert Jungheinrich customer service engineers will be on the way to you, to delivering first class forklift service.


  • Errors are eliminated faster by top-trained Jungheinrich customer service engineers.
  • Minimal downtime thanks to fast forklift parts supply.
  • Shortest response times from a comprehensive, worldwide Jungheinrich Service network.
  • Permanently high level of truck availability thanks to regular forklift services.
  • Premium service with manufacturing expertise.

Whilst reacting quickly to necessary repairs, we also do everything we can to make sure your trucks remain productive at all times. We perform regular maintenance to boost the service life, availability and safety of your trucks and ensure that major damage simply cannot happen. And it doesn’t end there: We complete all  required safety inspections on your trucks and provide qualification for your drivers through various training courses. We also support you in protecting your investments, e.g. with our qualified racking inspectors. In this way, we protect you from risks that could arise from damaged warehouse equipment.

You can make use of our wide range of Jungheinrich Services according to your needs. Or, simply take out a customised full service contract with us, tailored to your needs, so you can maintain a clear overview of the cost of your trucks and keep a firm control of your expenditure.

Stage Services

No effort spared with our spares.

Jungheinrich spare parts.

365 days a year, our employees do everything they can to supply you quickly and reliably with original Jungheinrich spare parts, all over the world. Our spare parts centre in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg is the beating heart of our global logistics network. Optimal processes and a global distribution network mean that new forklift parts can reach any site within the shortest possible time. Over 100,000 original forklift parts, usually available for well over 10 years, are waiting here to be put into use at your location. Jungheinrich Parts Online allows you to comfortably order any spare part you wish, easily, round the clock and wherever you are. Just one click and the spare part you need is on its way to you.

Within Europe, we also offer overnight delivery. The Jungheinrich spare parts are taken directly to our service engineers on-site during the night, so they are already with you the following morning. You'll find that our logistics concept pays off: With 98.5 percent availability of spare parts, we offer you maximum availability for your trucks and minimal response times.


  • 98.5 percent availability of forklift parts.
  • Original spare parts means that trucks, automated systems and warehouse equipment retain their value.
  • More than 100,000 original spare parts are generally available for well over 10 years.
  • Original spare parts means you remain eligible for warranty claims.

When you opt for original Jungheinrich spare parts, you not only benefit from perfect logistics, but also top quality and safety. Because only a certified original spare part with manufacturer expertise provides you with maximum reliability and guarantees that your trucks or logistics system retain their value. 

Stage Logistiksysteme

We do our utmost for you 24 hours a day.

Service and Support for automated systems and warehouse equipment.

No matter where, no matter when – our Jungheinrich Service and Support for automated systems and warehouse equipment is there for you across the globe and around the clock. We do our utmost so that your system operates at a consistently high level.

We offer you our individual Jungheinrich Service and Support packages as required, to guarantee you maximum cost control and transparency. With various service packages such as flex services, interval services, premium services and material management, as well as individual support levels, we ensure smooth operation and an increased service life for your systems.


  • High process reliability by ensuring system availability.
  • Maximum cost security and transparency through individual Jungheinrich Service and Support offers.
  • Lots of time saved through the close co-operation of support and service.
  • Longer system life through regular forklift service with inspection and maintenance.
  • Increased performance – allows you more time for your core business.

We are actively involved in the event of a fault and get your automated systems and warehouse equipment running again promptly. We can do this because our specialists in all areas get to work for you as a team:

Either our software experts from central support will resolve the problem via remote access, or one of our specially trained customer service engineers will be with you on site in no time, thanks to our comprehensive service network.

Our central support service also offers you assistance with WMS and control systems, automated guided vehicles and radio-data and IT systems. We will always assure your system availability whenever you want, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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You can rely on our team.

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