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CDD 10-70 stage image
Electric Stacker Truck

Ameise® CDD 10-70

The Ameise® electric stacker truck is the cost-effective entry model in the electric stacker truck segment. It is designed for the lightweight internal transfer of goods.

The truck with the two-stage telescopic mast is ideally suited for the occasional stacking and retrieval of pallets up to a height of 3,300 mm and convinces with proven and reliable Ameise® quality.

Entry into the field of electric stacker trucks – for occasional stacking and retrieval of pallets.

With this truck, the Ameise® brand offers a cost-effective entry-level model for light in-house use. Thanks to the 2 kW lift motor, the electric fork lift truck is ideal for order picking and preparation of goods weighing up to 1,000 kg. It is particularly well suited for the stacking and retrieval of pallets up to a height of 3,300 mm. The truck has a two-stage telescopic mast and is available in 4 different lift heights.

You steer the truck safely and comfortably via the long, side-mounted tiller. 
All travel and lift functions are controlled via the tiller handle, which can be operated with either hand. All important control instruments are positioned centrally on the device. The battery discharge indicator, hour meter and emergency disconnect are thus always in view.

The truck also features a number of safety features. The Plexiglas panel in front of the mast prevents the operator from reaching through accidentally. The truck is light and agile, enabling you to manoeuvre it easily and safely even in tight spaces. The ground clearance of just 25 mm offers a high level of safety and reduces the risk of injuries in the foot area.

In combination with the on-board charger, the maintenance-free gel battery ensures very easy handling. This eliminates the need for time-consuming battery water replenishment and enables convenient charging at any 230 V socket.

Benefit from the expertise of a strong powerful in the background. All Ameise® electric stacker trucks are supported by powerful Jungheinrich service. With more than 3,000 service engineers worldwide we guarantee a partner close to you and optimum spare parts supply. All it takes is a phone call! 

The Ameise® electric stacker truck is an ideal aid for order picking and stacking of goods at heights of up to 3,300 mm. Order the reliable electric stacker truck with a load capacity of 1,000 kg at your required lift height from our range.


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