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Which electric pallet truck is suitable for my use?

The electric pallet truck the ideal replacement for the hand pallet jack. It moves goods easier than ever. Jungheinrich has various electric pallet trucks, but which one is suitable for what use? And more importantly, which electric pallet truck is suitable for you?

We compare the different electric pallet trucks models next to each other, so that you can immediately see which truck you need for what use. We will identify the characteristics of each truck in the next couple of paragraphs.

Ameise CBD 15

CBD 15 image

Do you use the electric pallet truck only for light utilization and do you have a small budget? Are you looking for an ideal alternative to the hand pallet jack? Then the Ameise CBD 15 is the right choice for your company. This is the entry into the electric pallet truck segment. The Ameise CBD 15 is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, where a few pallet are moved per week. This electric pallet truck has a maintenance-free gel battery. It is not suitable for heavy loads and very intensive use. In addition, the pallet truck is less stable on poor surfaces.

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With its 0.6 kW strong driving motor, the EJE M series supports the transport over short distances of pallets and goods weighing up to 1 500 kg. This line closes the gap between companies that want the highest reliable and cover, and companies that use their pallet truck only a few times a week and in a light application. The EJE M-series is suitable for confined spaces: the compact design, short front body of only 435 mm and the low height ensure easy maneuverability and an optimal view of the forks for every operator. Like the Ameise CBD 15, these electric pallet trucks are less stable on poor surfaces. They have a limited utilization time. 

Are you looking for an electric pallet truck for a light utilization that you want to use especially in limited space? then the EJE M13 or M15 is a suitable choice for your next electric pallet truck.

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EJE 114-116

EJE Potato Farm

The EJE 1 series is a robust pallet truck for professional, intensive use. It is suitable for loading and unloading trucks and also for the horizontal transport of pallets. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor usage. The powerful motors give these pallet trucks a high speed and sturdy acceleration. Due to the large batteries (up to 375 Ah), the EJE 1 series can be used for a very long time. In addition, it is particularly robust. 

The EJE 1 series requires a larger investment than the Ameise CBD15 and the EJE M series. Regular battery maintenance is required for most versions of the EJE 1 series. Only with the (slightly more expensive) versions with the lithium-ion battery, this is not necessary.

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