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Our ergonomic operating concepts at a glance

Many companies focus more to the well-being and health of their employees. As a result, ergonomics and safety play an equally important roll in the selection of the right forklift truck.

Forklift ruck drivers and fleet managers often find it pleasant when the operation of their new forklift truck(s) does not differ too much from their previous model. Because of this personal preference, people often choose the operating concept they already with with. That is why it is important that a forklift truck supplier offers a choice of several suitable operating concepts. Your big advantage is that your new forklift truck quickly integrates into your process.

soloPILOT operation

soloPILOT operation

With the soloPILOT, the drive/lift functions are only controlled by movements with the fingers, even one hand movement is no longer necessary. The levers have the same function as conventional, individual levers.


duoPILOT operation

The duoPILOT consist of 2 levers that guarantee a sensitive, precise control of all truck functions. With its grip-friendly design, the separate direction of travel switch is extremely easy to operate.

From the driver's point of view, the left-hand lever controls the lift/lower functions (forward/backward movement of the lever). The lever can be tilted to the left or right. The right lever controls the ZH1 (usually sideshift) and the ZH2 connection for attachments.


multiPILOT operation

The multiPILOT is based on the principle of a joystick. All functions are controlled directly by the movement of the multiPILOT and the buttons.

The multiPILOT goes one step further in its operation. Switching to a multiPILOT therefore requires a certain amount of time for the driver to get used to the opreration. Once you have gotten used to the multiPILOT, you will notice that the operation is usually quicker and easier. In particular, fleets working with regular drivers on fixed trucks can make the most of the benefit of this control. 

Ergonomic operation concepts

Modern electric controls with mini levers or joysticks are very precise and allow a light and pleasant operation. The final choice is mainly determined by the operating conditions. At Jungheinrich, you can choose from several operating concepts. Each concept is available, integrated in the ergonomic, multi-functional armrest.

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