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All types of attachments in one handy overview

The forklift is like a multi tool army knife: handy and suitable for various tasks. Jungheinrich supplies many different types of attachments for the forklift. What can they do and what should you take into account when working with the Jungheinrich forklift. We have listed all the equipment below. 

Points of attention

A few basic rules apply when selecting and using attachments. The lifting capacity of the truck decreases depending on the type of attachment. This is due to the extra weight of the forklift truck and the change of the front construction size. Compared to the use of standard forks, the load center of gravity can increase due to the combination of attachment and load.

Another point of attention is the extra hydraulic connections to operate the attachment. Anyone who uses a front-mounted device can requires a lot of power, such as a rotating roller clamp, may have higher peak currents if an electric forklift is used. It is advisable to take this into account when choosing the traction battery.

Side Shift forks


The side-shift is the most common attachment. With the side shift it is possible to move the entire fork to the left or right of the center of the truck. This makes picking up loads or precise positioning easier. With the side-shift you can easily place loads against each other or free them to take them up. 

Adjustable Forks

The fork positioner adjusts the distance between the individual forks. This makes it possible to choose a safe fork width for each load type and width. The fork positioner offers a solution if different types of load carrier are picked up with the forklift. 

Fork spreader

With the fork spreader it is possible to pick up and transport loads that are wider than the forklift truck. The fork spreader is similar to the fork positioner, but the range is wider and the construction is heavier. The following applies: the wider the fork is when the load is lifted, the more stable is the load on the fork. 

Fork clamps

Fork Clamp

The fork clamp is similar to the fork spreader and fork adjuster, but is often equipped with individually rotatable clamps. This makes it possible to lift loads without a pallet, such as bales, crates or boxes. The fork clamp is often used within the recycling industry, including for the handling of used white goods.

Roller Clamp and Rotating Roller Clamp

Within the paper, packaging and printing industry, the roll clamp is indispensable. Thanks to the clamping function, it easily absorbs round shapes, such as paper rolls. The clamp is widely used for loading and unloading trucks and stacking rolls in storage. With the rotating roller clamp it is possible to turn the load when loading or unloading processing machines in which the position of the roller is not vertical.

Potato farmer

Shovel bucket

The shovel bucket transforms the forklift into a mini wheel loader. The tiltable scoop bucket picks up bulk material with ease. The shovel bucket is equipped with fork sleeves and therefore easy and quick to use.

Load stabilizer

The load stabilizer offers a practical solution for the safer handling of unstable loads, such as a pallet with goods without stretch / wrap film or strapping. The fork picks up the load and the adjustable top plate holds the load in place from the top.

Potato truck turner


With the tipper tipper it is possible to rotate or tilt loads. With the tipper it becomes easy to empty containers by tilting it sideways or deflate liquid containers.

Lifting arm

The forklift can also carry out hoisting work with the lifting arm. The lifting arm is often used for assembly jobs or for transporting bundled loads. Lifting arms are available in various designs, such as fixed, telescopic and with or without fork shafts.

Carpet mandrel

With the carpet mandrel, the forklift truck picks up rolls horizontally from the centre of the roll. As the name implies, this attachment is often used for handling carpet rolls. Within the steel industry, rolls with the carpet mandrel are also picked up and moved.

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