Automated Solutions (AGV)

Speed and safety in your material flow can only be achieved by adjusting storage and material handling equipment to your warehouse processes. Automated warehouse systems by Jungheinrich may provide a solution for you. We offer a wide range of automated conveyor technology and automated stacker cranes, so-called driverless transport systems, plus the expertise to analyze and optimize current processes in accordance with your individual needs. Get yourself an automated warehouse by Jungheinrich!

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Automated guided vehicles – our Auto Pallet Mover APM

Are you dealing with constantly recurring transport processes? In that case, automatic forklift trucks and automated stacker cranes may be the solution for you – so-called driverless transport systems like our Auto Pallet Mover APM. Due to a forklift guidance system with laser navigation, these auto-guided vehicles independently transport goods from A to B, controlled by our intelligent Jungheinrich WMS or your own automated warehouse management system.

Complete solution with automated warehouse technology

Beside automatic forklifts like stacker cranes, our automated warehouse systems also include suitable automated conveyor systems. They are essential for an efficient and safe transport of goods. Be it pallets, containers, cardboard boxes or automated warehouse equipment – our roller, belt and chain conveyors as well as our trolleys, lift and rotary tables or belt lifts offer the most suitable automated material handling solution for your intralogistics processes.

Rack operating equipment

The heart of any plant: a perfectly balanced total system for all your applications - efficient, accurate, custom-made.

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Automatic high-rack stackers

Flexibility despite automation: By changing between manual, semiautomatic or automatic mode, you are equipped for every application.

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Driverless transport systems

Safe, punctual and with precision to the millimeter: Our Auto Pallet Mover, based on our proven production vehicles, manages all of your shipments.

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Materials handling system

You decide: the best way to ensure the most efficient and safe transport of goods and material.

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