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Jungheinrich STC 2B1A –

the world’s most powerful Miniload in its class.

Stacker cranes for miniload warehouses

Jungheinrich STC – the world’s most powerful miniload in its class.

With best-in-class performance values, smart energy management and the lowest approach dimensions in its class, the first miniload developed by Jungheinrich ensures maximum efficiency in your miniload warehouse.

Top speed in the miniload warehouse

Our smart Miniloads ensure maximum speed combined with maximum safety in your miniload warehouse. The load handling devices for Miniloads are designed for all kinds of small load carrier and shelf depths, ensuring rapid goods handling. Regardless of how you want to configure your miniload warehouse, the reach systems are optimised for single, double or multiple-depth storage.

Efficient miniload warehouse

Put Jungheinrich Miniloads at the heart of your efficient miniload warehouse and achieve the best possible performance figures. Short access times, high capacity and the best possible use of space are the principles underlying every Jungheinrich Miniload warehouse. This ensures that your miniload warehouse is customised to suit your personal requirements, creating room for extremely space-saving and highly dynamic storage of small parts in containers, boxes or trays. Miniload warehouses can be arranged in single or multiple-unit depths, e.g. as a spare parts, order picking or buffer warehouse, or as a distribution warehouse.

Room height up to 25 m

Your goods can be stored and retrieved in angled or bay shelving, making full use of the room height up to 25 m. The Miniload can be configured for operation in ambient warehouses, or for operation in deepfreeze warehouses at temperatures down to -30°C.

With operating speeds of up to 6 m/s and acceleration of up to 5.3 m/s², our Miniloads keep up the pace on the way to the picking location or the connected conveyor systems. These smart, high-performance devices will run without problems at full capacity in multi-shift operation (24/7). Fully automatic and totally reliable.

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Jungheinrich Miniload STC 2B1A:


Minimising operating costs

Using SuperCaps makes it possible to save the energy released during braking and make it usable again. This enables the Miniload to level out the enormous peaks in consumption that occur during acceleration and deceleration. As a result, the feed-in power can be halved. This means significant cost savings in terms of both energy supply and energy consumption. The entire Miniload ‘family’ is based on the same principle. This means that more than 80 % of all components are also used in other Jungheinrich Miniload models. Maintenance and possible repairs can thus be carried out quickly and easily by the Jungheinrich Service. This in turn leads to minimised operating costs and a high availability of the system. 

Maximising warehouse volume

Due to the structural design of the guide rail, the floor beam is embedded as a carriage in the rail, significantly reducing the upper and lower approach dimensions. The running surface of the main wheels is only about 55 mm above the floor instead of the market standard of 150 to 250 mm. Another novelty is the space-saving Omega drive integrated in the mast base. Thanks to its narrow, lightweight design, the two-strand drive can be accommodated between the control cabinet and the mast. As a result, the front and rear approach dimensions are also significantly reduced.

The STC 2B1A therefore achieves the lowest approach dimensions in its class. The result: maximised warehouse volume. 

High scalability

The innovative design and the extremely lightweight construction of the mast were achieved using very light aluminium extrusion profiles with cross braces made from cast aluminium. This allows a low total weight of the Miniload and a flexible scalability of the mast. Within the entire Miniload ‘family’ a mast height of 25 metres can be reached. 

Maximum energy efficiency

SuperCaps are energy storage devices integrated in the unit, which store the energy released during braking processes and very quickly release it again for acceleration phases. In contrast to the use of braking resistors, the DC link system with SuperCaps can reduce the energy requirement and associated provisioning costs by up to min. 25 %. The connected load can therefore be reduced by up to 50 %. 

Highest performance data in its class

The STC 2B1A is the world’s most powerful Miniload in its class. With a travel speed of more than 6 m/s and maximum acceleration of more than 5.3 m/s², the goods throughput, i.e. the number of storage or retrieval operations per hour, can be increased significantly. This ranks the STC 2B1A among the very best of high-performance equipment. 

Jungheinrich Miniload STC 2B1A: