EJE Electric Pedestrian Pallet Truck

The new generation

of EJE pedestrian pallet trucks is here.

Always reliable and highly efficient, Jungheinrich's electric pedestrian pallet trucks make transporting loads easy – whether operated in warehouses or retail areas with limited space. Quality is essential because your pallet trucks must be dependable and ready to go at any time – under the toughest conditions.


As the technology leader, we are once again raising the bar in terms of quality and reliability with the new generation of EJE pedestrian pallet trucks. New to the lineup is the EJE 114 – a compact, powerful package for moving loads up to 1.4 tons. Making its appearance in July 2018, the brand new EJE 222 is one more addition to the EJE 2 series.


See for yourself: efficiency, safety, robustness and easy handling – our EJE pedestrian pallet trucks score points in all areas where quality is critical.


Up to 25 % less power consumption.


Set up for safety from top to bottom.


Built for the toughest conditions.

Easy handling

After the makeover: more manoeuvrable than ever.

The new EJE models:

The EJE 1 series

The latest generation of electric pedestrian pallet trucks

Newly added to the portfolio:

The EJE 114 for loads up to 1.4 t

Making its debut in July 2018:

The EJE 2 series

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The best energy efficiency by Jungheinrich: Using up to 25 % less power.

Energy-efficient vehicles are your lever to decrease costs over the long term. We offer proven lead-acid batteries with our 2Shifts1Charge guarantee as well as cutting-edge li-ion technology – now available for all Jungheinrich industrial trucks. Both options are perfectly suited for continuous use in multi-shift operations.


The new EJE electric pedestrian pallet trucks with their powerful AC drive technology allow for efficiency increases of 14 % (EJE 116), 23 % (EJE 120) and even 25 % (EJE 118).


At Jungheinrich, efficiency goes well beyond the energy realm. In short: anything that makes work easier increases your efficiency in the warehouse, while decreasing costs and improving throughput

Maximum performance with future-proof li-ion technology

Set up for safety from top to bottom.

We care about your employees' safety. And foot protection is especially critical when operating pedestrian pallet trucks.


The speed and manoeuvrability of these vehicles must be matched by their stopping reliability.


The EJE's long safety tiller with 4-way foot protection ensures this kind of maximum responsiveness. The truck's driving speed is determined by the tiller angle with the vehicle stopping automatically, if necessary.

Built for the toughest conditions.

Electric pedestrian pallet trucks must be ready to go under any conditions, even with continuously changing users. For that reason, the robustness and reliability of our EJE vehicles is all the more important.


Each detail – from the solid steel chassis to the technical components, such as the powerful three-phase current motors, developed and manufactured by Jungheinrich itself – meets the highest quality standards. International certifications regularly attest to the very high production quality in the Jungheinrich production plants.


In addition, our quality management team continuously stays on top of the reliability and long service lives of our products. Service life analyses closely monitor product usage and workloads, allowing us to feed quality-related findings back into the manufacturing process.

After the makeover:

more manoeuvrable than ever.

Electric pedestrian pallet trucks must be easy to handle. After only a short orientation period, users must be able to operate them in a safe and intuitive manner.


With the shortest chassis dimensions on the market, the EJE pedestrian pallet trucks are quick and easy to handle in the tightest spaces. Powerful three-phase AC motors make them easy to work with and highly manoeuvrable, such as when changing the direction of travel.


Depending on the series, loads from 1.4 to 3.5 tons can be easily moved over moderate distances. Numerous add-on options enable the EJE pedestrian pallet trucks to be customised to your specific needs. For example, pallet side-entry is made substantially easier by an optional entry disk.

Also available:

The EJE 2 series from 2017

EJE 220/225/230/235

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