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ERC216i Stacker Truck

Stacker truck family with integrated lithium-ion battery

Particularly compact and agile thanks to new lithium-ion battery concept

With L2 dimension of 1239 mm the shortest electric high lift truck on the market

Higher residual load capacity of at least 100 kg due to FG profiles

Hamburg: In 2019, Jungheinrich presented the compact ERC 216zi stacker truck with an integrated lithium-ion battery. Jungheinrich is now featuring a comprehensive expansion of the ERCi family at its trade press conference "Innovations & Highlights 2020". The additional truck variance will enable Jungheinrich customers to select lithium-ion stacker trucks with capacities of 1.4 t and 1.6 t, with double or triple mast as well as with or without initial lift for their specific application. Wide-tread vehicles are also part of the range.

Thanks to their new lithium-ion battery concept, the vehicles of the ERCi family are particularly compact and manoeuvrable. Instead of the battery trough being located behind the mast, which has been common in such vehicles to date, the energy storage unit is now positioned centrally in the vehicle. With an L2 dimension of 1239 mm, the lithium-ion trucks of the ERCi family are at least 170 mm shorter than comparable vehicles, making them by far the most compact electric stacker trucks on the market.

Maximum performance
The compact lithium-ion battery enables a completely new vehicle design. Jungheinrich has thus succeeded in significantly improving the agility of stacker trucks. Thanks to their compactness, the trucks of the ERCi family set new standards in manoeuvrability. Taking advantage of a new type of mast that uses the same profiles as Jungheinrich's counterbalance trucks, the trucks also have a higher residual capacity of at least 100 kg. In addition, the new mast entry damping system ensures smooth mast transitions when lowering.

More comfort for the driver
In developing the ERCi family, Jungheinrich paid special attention to the ergonomics of the truck. A fixed stand-on platform offers the operator support and comfort. This is an important advantage for the driver, especially during long periods of operation. The operating elements are arranged in such a way that they allow intuitive control of the truck, while the completely redesigned smartPILOT electric tiller steering allows precise and easy steering with one hand. A 4-inch display level with the instrument cover provides a clear overview. The new storage system also allows the operator to set up his workplace individually.

Protection from all sides
The stacker truck family sets new standards in terms of safety. The overhead guard according to DIN ISO 6055 protects against falling objects. The fixed stand-on platform with its fixed side walls also offers the driver perfect all-round protection from three sides. The assistance system operationCONTROL is used to prevent the residual load capacity from being exceeded. Optical, acoustic and tactile warning signals such as the vibration of the tiller warn the driver when the permissible residual load capacity has been exceeded. The positionCONTROL assistance system enables easy and fast stacking at predefined storage heights. This allows even less experienced employees to store and retrieve goods quickly and safely.

Wide-tread variant for special goods
The ERCbi is the wide-tread model of the ERCi family. The vehicles are specially designed for handling special goods, cross pallets or closed pallets that are mainly used in the UK or USA. The wheel arms are extended laterally, so that the fork can be lowered freely to the ground and loads can be driven underneath optimally, as is usually the case with cantilevered forklifts.

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