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New generation of LPG and diesel forklift trucks for the toughest jobs

New hydrostatic drive concept

Increased performance and energy efficiency

Low maintenance and easy to service

Hamburg: Jungheinrich is presenting two new hydrostatic series at its trade press conference "Innovations & Highlights 2020". The counterbalance trucks of the VFG 3s and 4s series are available with both diesel and LPG drive and are suitable for year-round outdoor and indoor applications. The two series comprise eight different vehicle variants and cover load capacities from 1.6 t to 3.5 t. The forklifts meet all criteria of the EU exhaust gas stage V.

New generation of LPG

Powerful hydrostatic drive concept

The trucks are driven by new Kubota industrial engines. A new hydrostatic drive concept allows fast and reliable manoeuvring with reduced energy consumption. This is ensured by the combination of adjustable axial piston pump and adjustable axial piston motor in connection with a drive axle. The gradeability and tractive effort of vehicles in both series have thus been increased by up to 20 percent on average.

By using a new hydraulic pump, Jungheinrich has increased the trucks' oil flow volume by 25 per cent, which has significantly boosted productivity when working with heavy attachments. 

Particularly low maintenance

In the course of continuous engine monitoring, important measured values such as the engine oil level, the coolant level, the coolant temperature as well as the diesel particulate filters and the air filter load in the engine are continuously checked in order to detect and prevent engine damage at an early stage. A maintenance-free valve drive with internal spur gears also provides optimum conditions for smooth operation. This means that a costly change of timing belt will no longer be necessary in the future. In the event of service, all electronic components of the forklift trucks can be accessed quickly and easily via a service flap on the right-hand side of the vehicle. This further increases the availability of the trucks.

Increased safety and high ergonomics

The panoramic roof has been enlarged by 25 percent in combination with a low console wall provides considerably better visibility and lighting conditions, thus enabling safe and precise work. A 30 percent larger step at the vehicle door makes it easier for the driver to get in and out. The driver's compartment is ergonomic and functional thanks to additional storage compartments, a DIN-A4 terminal board, an increased output electronically controlled heater (>7.0 kW) and USB ports. A 4-inch display with five selectable driving programs as well as easily connectable assistance systems also allow flexible adaptation to a wide range of application requirements.


The trucks of the VFG series 3s and 4s are equipped with the new Jungheinrich telematics box. It gives Jungheinrich customers a comprehensive overview of their trucks and their use. By networking its truck fleet, Jungheinrich is able to offer its customers even better service in the future. Better and faster information about error messages helps to minimise downtimes. Reaction times are accelerated and the prerequisites for predictive maintenance are laid. Via Call4Service, customers can call Jungheinrich customer service at any time via app or web and maintain a comprehensive overview of open and completed service assignments.

Large model variation

The VFG 3s series is available in three different models with 1.6t, 1.8t and 2.0t with a load centre of 500mm. The 4s range comprises five vehicles with 2.5t, 3.0t and 3.5t with a load centre of gravity of 500mm, as well as the high-performance 3.0t and 3.5t version with a load centre of 600mm.

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