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New EKS platform

New EKS platform: top performance in three series

Optimal vehicle for every application

Comfortable and back-friendly working

Reduced energy consumption through motor with increased efficiency

Hamburg: Jungheinrich has developed a new platform solution for the two to four series of its EKS vertical order picker. For the first time, it takes into account the requirements of both narrow and wide aisles. Jungheinrich thus offers solutions for additional new fields of application. For example, the product portfolio was expanded to include efficient 24V entry-level models. At the same time, the "48V-S version" offers high performance in multi-shift operation. The EKS 412s, the platform's flagship model, was presented by Jungheinrich as early as 2019. In the meantime, the product range has been complemented by four additional truck types. "With the new platform structure, Jungheinrich is setting new standards in terms of product portfolio and product positioning in the market. We can now offer our customers an optimum truck for every application - from entry-level models for low and medium order-picking heights to narrow-aisle trucks with maximum picking performance at a height of 14 metres," explains Pascal Hoffmann, the product manager responsible for the EKS platform. 

Lift mast for back-friendly use

The vehicles of the new EKS platform are equipped with an innovative transition-free triple telescopic mast. A great advantage of the new mast is its transition-free lifting movements. This eliminates the usual impact loads during lifting. Compared to other vertical order pickers, this results in comfortable and back-friendly working. At up to 14 metres, the Jungheinrich EKS portfolio offers the highest order picking height of all vertical order pickers on the market. With a lifting speed of 0.5 metres per second, the EKS 412s is 25 per cent faster than its predecessor model, which is currently the fastest vertical order picker on the market.

Economical and powerful

The EKS platform combines performance and energy efficiency. By using an economical synchronous reluctance motor, Jungheinrich has halved the energy losses on the motor side and increased the efficiency of the motor. Moreover, the weight of the truck was significantly reduced when the EKS was redesigned. Together, this results in energy savings of more than 10 per cent. Jungheinrich offers its vertical order pickers with two battery options: proven lead-acid batteries and state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology. Jungheinrich guarantees that the EKS can be used in two shifts with just one battery charge. This saves time and reduces operating costs. The use of lithium-ion technology guarantees high performance and at the same time maintenance-free operation, fast charging time and a particularly long service life.

High comfort through new operating concept

Great importance was attached to the needs of the driver when developing the EKS. Thanks to the uniform operating concept with all functions within easy reach, handling the vehicles is particularly easy. The additional lift is operated intuitively with the aid of a second control lever. All operating elements are individually height-adjustable, while all relevant information can be seen at a glance on the large colour display for the driver. The new presence button is particularly user-friendly thanks to hardly noticeable actuating force.

New cab design with ergonomic entry height

Jungheinrich has increased the interior height of the EKS platform to 2100 mm. Viewing windows have been integrated into the rear wall of the cab to provide better visibility in the direction of travel. At the same time, the positioning of the hydraulic cylinders allows an unobstructed view in the direction of travel. Both measures together significantly increase work safety. The use of tandem wheels in the front of the vehicle allows a particularly ergonomic entry height of 200 mm for the second series and 245 mm for the third and fourth series. A flat but enlarged presence button in combination with an ergonomic floor mat is available as an option. This minimises any risk of tripping. The robust side barrier can optionally be tilted, which makes the picking process much easier.

The new EKS platform includes the following vehicles:

EKS 210

The EKS order picker of the series 2 is characterised by its narrow frame construction of only 900 mm and thus impresses with its particular manoeuvrability and agility in wide aisles. Depending on the choice of battery, the vehicle can be used for one or two-shift operation. The EKS 210 thus offers high flexibility in use at low to medium picking heights.

EKS 310

The EKS 310 is designed for use at picking heights of over eight metres. The energy-saving 24V three-phase AC technology is just as impressive as the performance-enhancing equipment options that make the EKS 310 fit for any challenge. The new mast provides the best all-round visibility, the side viewing windows extend the field of vision and reduce the blind spot by 50 percent.

EKS 412

The EKS 412 is the most powerful among the wide aisle order pickers. With its three-stage mast, heights of almost eleven metres are reached. Optionally selectable assistance systems and ergonomics packages make the interaction between man and machine even safer, more efficient and more comfortable. The EKS 412 – like the 3-series – is available either with innovative, performance-oriented lithium-ion technology or reliable lead-acid battery.

EKS 310s

This narrow-aisle order picker handles all pending tasks in a very confined space with high precision and speed. In addition to the 48V control concept, a newly developed synchronous reluctance motor with particularly high efficiency is used here.

EKS 412s

The flagship among the narrow-aisle order pickers sets standards with maximum picking performance up to 14 metres high. No other order picker in the world manages more. Lithium-ion power gets the most out of the new generation of engines. Equipped with lead-acid batteries, Jungheinrich guarantees two shifts with just one load on all platform trucks. Seamless integration into existing warehousing systems ensures maximum efficiency for both s models.

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