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Covid Bonus

Jungheinrich pays out COVID bonus to employees worldwide

Jungheinrich is paying its employees worldwide a COVID bonus this year. With this special payment, Jungheinrich thanks its employees for their outstanding performance during the coronavirus crisis and acknowledges the additional burden placed on the workforce by the pandemic. 

  • Thanks for outstanding performance during the pandemic
  • Recognition of the additional burden of the coronavirus crisis
  • Total amount of around EUR 13,5 million
  • Between EUR 500 and 1,000 per employee depending on purchasing power

"The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest medical and economic crisis since the Second World War. It is our employees who, through their untiring commitment, have ensured that Jungheinrich has survived this crisis relatively well so far. The Board of Management, the Supervisory Board and the shareholder families would like to thank our colleagues for this," says Dr. Lars Brzoska, Chairman of the Board of Management of Jungheinrich AG. "With this one-time bonus, we want to acknowledge the commitment of our employees and pay tribute to them for the additional burden they have shouldered as a result of the crisis. We are proud of the extraordinary commitment of our team. With this team, we will also master all upcoming challenges.

The COVID bonus will be paid to all Jungheinrich employees who joined the company before July 1, 2020. Payment will be made in December. Excluded from the bonus are the company's executives. The amount of the special payment per employee ranges between EUR 500 and 1,000 worldwide and depends on the purchasing power of the respective country. The total amount that the Group will pay for this mark of recognition is EUR 13.5 million.

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