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Press release: Amazon 1000 li-ion

Jungheinrich delivers the 100,000th lithium-ion forklift

Proportion of lithium-ion trucks grows disproportionately fast

Lithium-ion technology from Jungheinrich stands out for its quality and cost-effectiveness

POWERLiNE sets new standards for efficient and sustainable intralogistics

Jungheinrich delivers its 100,000th truck with a lithium-ion battery. The ETV 216i reach truck was delivered along with 15 identical trucks to the Amazon warehouse in Leipzig, where some 140 other Jungheinrich electric trucks are already in use. "The delivery of the 100,000th lithium-ion truck is a special milestone for us at Jungheinrich, and one that we are very proud of. As a pioneer of electromobility in the warehouse, we were the first manufacturer to rely on efficient lithium-ion technology and thus changed our industry for good," explains Jungheinrich Board Member for Sales Christian Erlach.

Today, lithium-ion batteries are standard equipment for emission-free electromobility in the warehouse. They are characterised in particular by their energy efficiency. Compared to a diesel truck of the same performance class, an electric truck with a lithium-ion battery emits less than half the CO2 during its entire lifetime, including its manufacture. By using electricity from renewable energy sources, the CO₂ emissions of the vehicles in operation can be reduced by up to 90 percent. Lithium-ion technology thus makes a decisive contribution to making intralogistics more sustainable.

In 2011, Jungheinrich was the world's first industrial truck manufacturer to launch a series-produced truck with a lithium-ion battery. Since then, lithium-ion technology has become the fastest-growing battery technology for industrial trucks. It impresses with reliably high performance, reduced energy consumption, fast charging times, freedom from maintenance and a long service life. Jungheinrich plans to achieve a 70 per cent share of lithium-ion trucks in the fleet sold by 2025.

The ETV 216i delivered to the Amazon warehouse in Leipzig is a Jungheinrich POWERLiNE truck. With the concept of integrated lithium-ion batteries, Jungheinrich has once again set a new industry standard with POWERLiNE. In design and construction, POWERLiNE trucks consistently exploit all the advantages of the lithium-ion battery. They are shorter, safer and more comfortable than all other industrial trucks before them. This means they also free up what is most precious in the warehouse: space. Another special feature of POWERLiNE is that the vehicles are completely CO2-neutral until they are delivered to the customer. This is ensured by the particularly sustainable and energy-efficient production as well as certified measures by which the emissions that are currently still unavoidable during production are compensated. To this end, Jungheinrich invests in solar, wind power and biomass projects.

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